JRNY offers the most complete business model available to agents today.

  • Cloud based.
  • Learning centric.
  • Community culture.
  • Cutting edge lead generation.
  • Multiple pillars of income.
  • Tech savvy.
  • We teach you leverage.
  • We have a saying at JRNY...

    Rising tide raises all ships.

    As a brokerage and as your trusted partner this is how we live everyday.

    real estate agent handing over keys and accepting US dollar paper currency cash money.

    Enjoy Your


  • Leads Program - Buyer and Seller Buyer and seller leads offered to you at cost throught our proprietary lead generation system
  • Let Us Pay For Your Leads Partner with our family of companies and we will pay for 50% of your JRNY lead generation
  • Earn Culture Awards Enchance company culture and JRNY will award you $1000 CASH every 5 transactions closed
  • JRNY Academy Coaching Join a brokerage truly designed to make you a better agent. JRNY offers one on one coaching built by the agent for the agent
  • Training Countless trainings covering topics surrounding the real estate industry
  • Masterminds and Groups Enjoy an array of different masterminds & groups designed to provide support to our community at JRNY.
  • Mentorship Program Newer to real estate? JRNY Offers a comprehensive mentorship program talking you from novice to expert.
  • Continue Enjoying

    Your Journey

  • JRNY Holdings Ownership Prove yourself an invaluable partner to JRNY Holdings and be invited to exclusive ownership opportunities
  • Be a Mentor Have a passion for helping others succeed? Earn extra income by mentoring newer agents
  • Technology Package JRNY provides you the cutting edge technology to help you excel in all facets of your business
  • Instant Cash Offer Program Make a comission without ever selling a house! Have a client that wants the convenience and ease of a cash offer? JRNY will be your clients house for cash and pay you a comission
  • Done For You Listing Package From lockbox & sign delivery to MLS input & listings marketing, let JRNY handle all your listings need. Optional
  • In-House Transaction Coordination Fron one click of a button let us handle your contract to close need including all deadline reminders & complete file management. Optional
  • JRNY Business App Watch over your transactions, commisiions, total income, revenue share and rev share group all in one place. Never be lost or unaware where your business is ever again
  • Your own Marketing Suite Everything from brochures, signs, door hangers, flyers to anything you can think of. We have drag and drop templates fully connected to the MLS. Import all needed data. Build your marketing in mere minutes
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    5 Tier Real Estate

    Revenue Sharing Program

    Journey Real Estate Revenue Shating Program

    Tier 1

    Tier 2

    Tier 3

    Tier 4

    Tier 5

    Referal Bonus GCI %

    6% up to annual Cap

    2% up to annual Cap

    3% up to annual Cap

    4% up to annual Cap

    5% up to annual Cap

    Number of tier 1 agents required to unlock next tier

    1+ producing agents

    5+ producing agents

    10+ producing agents

    15+ producing agents

    25+ producing agents

    Max/Agent Per Year






    *Agents must be producing. Must close 1 transaction within the previous 6 months

    Earn 6% revenue share up to $4,500 per agent's GGI paid manthly from JRNY's portion the split

    Unlock all 5 tiers as your network grows


    You refer John. John closes a transaction with GGI of $15,000.

    You will earn 6% of the $15,000 comissions which is $900.

    This $900 comes out of JRNY's portion of the split, not the agent's

    real estate agent handing over keys and accepting US dollar paper currency cash money.




  • Let's celebrate your first closing at JRNY with $250 gift card to the JRNY store!
  • Upon your 3rd listings closed - We'll add $250 to your next closing to reimburse you for your signs and lockboxes
  • $0 monthly fees...zero...FREE
  • $0 brokerage fees...zero...FREE
  • $0 transactions fees...zero...FREE
  • $0 sign-up fees...zero...FREE
  • $50 JRNY Tech Package (Subsidized by JRNY - a $500 per month value)
    (Skyslope, JRNY Marketing Suite, MS365, Office Suite, Email, Business App, LMS)
  • Low $15,000 annual cap, then 100% split
  • 80/20 comission split
  • 100% post cap commision split
  • Teams

  • $15,000 team leader annual cap, $5000 team member cap, then 100% split
  • Team must show annual volume history of 25 transactions or $5M annual
  • Join Journey

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